Email may be termed ‘ancient’ compared to far more innovative technologies such as Big Data and internet of things. However, its application is still relevant for businesses, particular with its relevance to enhancing a firm’s digital marketing capabilities. Email marketing, therefore, is an exceptional marketing method that is considered to be a lot more effective than more traditional digital marketing methods, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-per click (PPC) advertising.

Despite being around for many decades, many businesses are still clueless on how email marketing can be used most effectively. Here, we are going to explore what email marketing is, what are some of its benefits, and how businesses can enhance their use in order to achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing involves using electronic mail to inform a business’ target audience about a product, service, or the brand itself in order to raise their awareness and influence purchase decisions. In email marketing, an email is sent to every prospective customer consisting of images, video, and other content in order to capture their emotions and build a customer base.

Email marketing is generally used by sales organizations to build rapport to further their customer acquisition and customer retention goals. It is also used as part of a marketing campaign to promote the launch of a new product or service.

Types of email marketing

There are many types of email marketing that are important for enhancing the competitive position of the business. These are as follows.

Direct emails

Direct emails are sent for the sole purpose of raising awareness about the launch of a product or a limited time offer. The company can either use its own database of emails collected from customers or rent email lists from companies that specialize in email marketing.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are sent not primarily for the purpose of influence purchase decisions about products or service, but rather serve as opportunities for firms to engage with their customers, especially if they have been inactive for a long period of time. Such emails can consist of confirmation of a product delivery, password reset requests, and many more.

Mobile-centered emails

These are geared to suit the personal needs and preferences of mobile users, since mobile constitutes a large portion of online traffic. Companies can tailor email marketing messages according to the searches performed on mobile phones. In doing so, companies become more customer-focused and attract greater attention from customers.

How firms can enhance the effectiveness of email marketing?

You can firstly add many social media-sharing buttons in your e-mails to increase click-through rate and responses from customers. Social media forms a major part of the lives of people, and including social media-sharing options will increase receptivity.

Also, make sure your email marketing campaigns align with your business goals to increase strategic value. This will help you ensure your actions are directly linked to your vision. Furthermore, be sure to add video and images to increase engagement. Otherwise, your emails will risk becoming boring.

Therefore, it is important that companies focus on all important details to ensure their email marketing efforts are not wasted so that they can establish stronger relationships with customers and achieve greater recognition.