The abbreviated version of ‘Weblog’, ‘Blogging’ is a process of updating websites with information that can be both, personal in nature or related to a completely different cause, like education, politics etc. Depending on what a particular blog is about, likewise the posts made on the blog will be.

What is the importance of business blogging in social media marketing?

Some people blog because it is a hobby to express their thoughts and opinions and share it with the rest of the world, while others may have something else in mind they wish to achieve through their blogs. With so many types of blogs out there, each one of them seems to serve a couple of important functions. While a personal blog may not be that important in social media marketing, business blogs on the other hand are a different story. First off, business blogs are about one specific subject matter related to a particular business. For example, a business blog on carpentry will have blog posts related to carpentry only and quite possibly a carpentry business will be promoted in those blog posts.

6Simply put, business blogs serve the function of marketing channels where you can market your product, services etc and get the word around. If you have a business, you would like people to know about it.  After all, that is the whole point of having a business. Having a blog which promotes your business is going to help more and more people in knowing about your business, hence directing more traffic to your website.

The importance of business blogging in social media marketing is two fold; on one hand it increases your website’s visibility in search engines, plus it helps you work and build your social media presence. When you write a post and publish it on your business blog, it adds up as an indexed page. The greater the number of indexed pages your website has, the more chances it has of showing up in search engines.

How does blogging help to build social media presence?

Like mentioned above blogging can be used to build your social media presence and here is how it happens: the posts published on a blog can be shared on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. The more the post is shared across these social media networks, the more your website gets popular. Continuing the example of a blog related to carpentry, consider that you are a carpentry business owner and you want more and more people to know about what all services you offer, how to contact you when needed so on and so forth.

Having a business blog which is specifically meant for your carpentry business will only be posting blog posts about your business. In these blog posts you will be mentioning about the services you offer, possibly even the rates/charges of your services, you may even publish testimonials and reviews that you have received from other customers who have tried your service etc. Now, the more times these blog posts get shared on various social media networks, the greater will be the number of people knowing about your business and your services.