24Firms have been using search engine optimization for many years, yet still struggle to increase their search engine rankings. Sure, there is a lot of competition, but firms also tend to ignore important metrics that can help them monitor their digital marketing efforts and identify problem areas that need to be corrected. One metric in particular is page authority.

In this blog, we are going to look at what page authority is, why it is important, and what are some of the ways through which firms can use it to achieve their digital marketing goals and objectives.

What is page authority?

This is a metric that emphasizes how well a specific range is ranked on search engine results. Developed by Moz, the data is derived from Mozcapeā€™s web index, which includes a range of factors including link counts. A machine learning tool is used to search for the algorithm that best corresponds with the number of results that are matched against.

Importance of page authority

While domain authority focuses on increasing the rank of the entire domain, using page authority can be a good indicator of determining what specific web pages can be tracked easily by visitors. If you have a business that wants to optimize its landing pages, page authority can give you a very good indicator of its effectiveness.

This is because a landing page will contain the crux of information sufficient to achieving high conversion rates. The aim, therefore, should be to divert traffic to a landing page that can lead to the greatest amount of customers. In doing so, your business will ensure that its most profitable page reaches the greatest number of customers.

A landing page can be importantly, especially if you have released a new product or service, or a special discount that your customers need to know about. Page authority can ensure raising the rank of a particular web page can supplement your campaigning efforts.

How can you increase your page authority?

Businesses need to be aware that search algorithms are never static, but keep changing constantly. That being said, it is important to know that page authority is the same as any other SEO activity. Managers need to make sure that the content of their web page they intend to promote is up-to-date, has the appropriate use of keywords, is relevant to the topic, and fulfills customer needs and preferences.

As for keywords, there needs to be an optimum keyword density. Having too many keywords on a web page can diminish its authority and cause it to be ranked lower on search results.

Another important technique that can be used to increase page authority is to add images and video. A web page that has the right mix of high quality and engaging pictures and videos are ranked a lot higher. You should also make sure it has links to other websites, as doing so will enable you to build a reputation and draw higher web traffic.