Infographics are graphic and visual representations of important data, designed in an attractive and appealing way to present the information for educational and marketing purposes. The design and color scheme is enhanced in such a way that it looks appealing and easier to read at the same time. Infographics have evolved to hold an important value in the digital marketing niche of today. Various brands also use their infographics and designing skills to improve their marketing message for their large target audience easily.

The digital marketers today, not only use engaging and informative content to attract the attention of their target audience but also generate meaningful infographics. Currently, infographics are marketed on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to attract the attention of the potential audience. The color schemes, designing patterns, and text are used, depending upon the specific market niche. You can easily reach your targeted demographics by attracting the right customers through infographics.

Elements of Infographics

The creation of infographics not only involves designing techniques but also certain mathematical considerations. There are some factors that determine how effective and useful an infographic is. Appealing infographics should be:

  • Relevant and describe the data properly
  • Enhance the interest and curiosity of a consumer
  • Should have well defined facts and figures
  • Should be appealing to the eye
  • Should have a fine structure of statistical data representation

Benefits of Infographics

There are different reasons why individual organizations develop infographics. For some companies, the designing of infographics is very important for educational and technical purposes. However, in most of the cases, corporations benefit from infographics by adding value to their brands. The use of infographics can help you in achieving specific goals. Some of the most important advantages include:

Increasing the Awareness about a Product or Service

It is easier to convey your statistical data, your sales success or your technical expertise through infographics. The infographics are usually easier to read, visually appealing and can be formed in various shapes, sizes and colors, therefore leaving an impact on the reader. They are known to have a considerable impact on increasing brand awareness in the mind of a customer.


Infographics Are Usually Search Engine Optimized

Due to the extensive research and study involved in the development of infographics, they are usually original, unique and informative. Also, more people click on infographics or even share them due to higher visual appeal. The more the number of likes or shares an infographic gets, the higher it will be ranked on the “Page Rank” algorithm which will impact the effectiveness of SEO strategies. It is much easier to optimize infographics as compared to written content.

Improving the Creativity and Inspiration Factor

Infographics add value to a brand message through creative catchy lines and phrases. The use of one effective sentence can create a higher impact than any detailed articles or blogs. It is also easier to get the attention of a consumer through attractive infographics as compared to written content.

Online Resources for Infographics

Some online tools to create infographics for free are and Infoto Free.