In a world where the fight is to get the maximum returns from SEO techniques, some have sought different methods to be listed on top of search engines. Link Building is one of those methods and is a form of optimizing your business online and increasing awareness and availability for target audience.

Types of Link Building Techniques

Adding links to your webpage and blogs is not only good for search engine optimization but also provides you with the ability to play with interesting options that can be suited to your content/posts/pages. There are various types of links that can be administered and most notable ones include the following:

Editorial Links:

These types of links do not require any additional form of payments as they can be easily attached to the content. They essentially link to the content/website owner provided by other website owners. The reasons to use these are quality of content and marketing strategies of the website.

Resource Links:

This category of links usually serve as basic hyperlinks that can lead to beneficial content which can be used as relevant source, and should be proven useful for visitors. Google itself declares that it’s the quality and not the quantity of these links that affect a website’s ratings. This is only proves that spam links are not entertained but are actually punishable by search engines.

 Acquired Links:

When a website acquires a link from another resource then it has to pay for it. These links are known as organically obtained links and may include advertisements, directories, forums for comments, blog posts and other interactive forms of social media. Acquired links can only be obtained through payment or distribution.

Reciprocal Links:

When mutual traffic is under consideration, two websites can have links that divert visitors from one to the other. However, with increasing misuse of websites functioning together to isolate traffic by jamming them for a couple of websites, Google has stopped giving credit to reciprocal links. This indicates that these links were not genuine, and cannot be linked on popularity amongst the visitors.


When building up links for content, one must be eager to know the benefits that make this technique viable. Here are some of the reimbursements that link building provides:

  • Enhanced visibility of your blog post in search results.
  • Links that relate traffic to quality content make your website a good resource for many visitors.
  • The more inbound links you have for your website the more authority you are granted for your domain and page, hence increasing traffic on your website through referrals.

Final Word

Building links to your content or website is essential for SEO; however, it is a perilous task as many websites have been penalized by Google for not following the code of ethics in implementing spam free and user friendly link building tactics. On the other hand, Google provides White hat link building strategies to produce good results for the long term. This is to ensure that overall online environment is carefully monitored and controlled.