One of the most important aspects of a good functional website is the page load speed- the speed at which the content of the page loads. If you have a website which has all the relevant content, but it takes forever to load, to fully display whatever content is present on one page it is a safe bet that your website will not be getting that many hits. With page load speed being one of the things that can significantly decrease your website’s ranking, it comes as no surprise that website owners spend so much time improving it.


What are the things affecting the page load speed of a website?

Several users report pages that are slow to load as one of the top annoyances in their internet browsing experience. Having said that there are many things that can affect the page load speed of a website; some of these things are not in your control like for example the location and the internet connection speed of the user browsing your website may influence the page load speed of a website, but there is nothing you can do about it.

However, the user’s location and his internet connection are not the only two things affecting the page load speed of a website; the design and layout of your website, server hardware, using heavy images in the content, having externally embedded media etc are some of the things that can also have an impact on the page load speed. And these are things which you can alter to improve the page load speed of a website.

Why is it important?

The page load speed of a website is important for all websites, but the importance grows twice in size when the websites belong to the e-commerce category. You are likely to leave a website where you were shopping from, if the content of a page takes long to load. The reason for this is simple, you do not want to waste your time, even if it means spending a few seconds more on a website for it to load completely. So, one of the main reasons why it is so important is that pages that load faster tend to create better user experience.

Other than page load speed being an important factor which makes users more likely to spend time on your website, another reason why page load speed is so important is that search engines like Google are more likely to decrease your website’s visibility if it takes longer to load.

Clearly page load speed is something you cannot overlook. A good idea would be to use an online tool to check what exactly is the page load speed of your website. Certain online tools like PageSpeed Insights even tell you the things on your page that are causing it to load later than usual. Once you have found out what is causing the delay in loading, you can change those things and boost your page load speed.