Responsive website design is a concept in web designing which aims to provide maximum and optimal end user interaction with a website.

The purpose of a website is to provide information and provide it in the easiest manner. The user should not have any difficulty or problem while navigating a certain website. Thus, a responsive website design is very important and substantial when it comes to fulfilling the marketing objectives today.


Presently, surfing and searching online via mobile devices has increased by a large number as compared to desktop devices. These changing dynamics had been predicted long ago due to the rise of technology and the use of mobile devices has now finally surpassed that of desktops. The recent research by Google shows that more searches are taking place on mobile devices as compared to desktops.

The latest data collected by KPCB mobile technology trends show that the mobile media time of in the US is at 51%, while the desktop media time is only at 42%, which is a huge difference.

These statistics depict what exactly is required if you want to succeed in the digital world of today. If you cannot reach your target market through mobile devices, you are not missing out on a chunk of your audience. No matter how strong your web presence may be on desktops, if it is not responsive, you need to refocus your strategy towards a responsive web design.

Why is Responsive Design Beneficial for Mobile or Desktop Use?

Increased Search Engine Ratings

A smart website with well defined navigation options is more likely to be rated higher on search engines. It is also easier to implement various search engine optimization activities and digital strategies on a responsive website design. The responsible website design can then substantially improve your ratings and Google rankings. The success metrics can als obe increased by a large margin if the website is easy to access. Google recommends responsive website design; there is no better reason to go for it!

High Fluidity

A responsive web design site is extremely fluid which means the content will move easily on the screen- on any given resolution, gadget or software. The grid and network of the site is flexible. The content also adjusts to the shape and size of the device it is being viewed in.

Due to the superior quality being offered, most brands are now using WordPress responsive website design. It offers smart solutions for flexibility and maintenance of search rankings.

Compact Report by Google Analytics

A responsive website design can substantially ease the management of analytics. It can eliminate the need to check conversion paths and funnels between multiple websites. You will significantly reduce your need to verify and keep a track of multiple sites. All the statistical database and trends will be compressed and presented in a single report for analytics which will make the process of monitoring and evaluation easier.

Online Resources for Responsive Website Design

The famous platforms to build professional responsive website design are Webflow, Simbla and CoffeeCup Software.