Based on MySQL and PHP, WordPress is a unique content management system. It is installed on either an internet hosting service or a networking host. It can also be installed on operating systems. It is currently the most popular blogging system used on the internet, with more than 60 million websites present. As per the data by April 2016, it is presently used by more than 27% of the top 10 million websites.
A great many companies and website developers prefer to use WordPress due to a lot of factors. Be it the ease of use, cost effectiveness or convenient management of content production, it is highly preferred by marketers, bloggers and other website builders. There is a range of benefits that a WordPress website provides. Some of the most important ones include:

Content Management System

With websites dealing with large databases of information, blogs and articles, WordPress is the ideal and most suitable choice. The website comes with an in-built and highly effective content management system. It is very easy to update, edit and add new content or images on a WordPress powered website. With easy interface, almost any user can navigate through the website. It can significantly add value to a company’s website and make it run more effectively.

Search Engine Optimization is Comparatively Easier on WordPress

A lot of businesses fail miserably when it comes to reaching the top results of a search engine. No matter what strategies they follow, it just seems to be impossible for them to improve their Google rankings. A website powered by WordPress will never face such an issue as the design is automatically ideal for search engine optimization.

The coding behind a WordPress interface is extremely clean and simple which makes it highly appealing to all the search engines. Additionally, you can also use your Meta keywords, tags and descriptions to target the market for specific keywords. It is very easy to optimize a WordPress website as compared to other hosted sites.

The Design Is Customizable

Unlike other websites, the design offered by WordPress is highly customizable. You won’t need to design your own graphics or visuals to give your website an innovative look. Instead, you can always use their customizable themes to generate a suitable design. The interface available for WordPress websites is also highly interactive.

Built-in Blogs

A lot of companies use WordPress due to the ease of marketing capabilities through a built-in blog. It can help in generating, navigating and publishing the content very easily. The system is highly preferred by those who need extensive production of content on their websites.

Ideal for Marketers

With these factors combined, the use of WordPress for website development is ideal for marketers. with the enhanced search engine results, better options for blogging and producing content in bulk and improved designs, WordPress is highly preferred by digital marketers everywhere. The digital strategies suggest that marketing should be done on various social media platforms combined with a website built on WordPress.

Online Resources for WordPress

You can use online resources to learn various techniques used in WordPress. Some online services include Lynda, WordPress TV and Hongkiat.